Underwater scooter



Do you want a unique underwater and above water experience? There are no words to describe this until you try it for yourself. If you like speed, adrenaline, adventure and being in & under water at the same time, then this is a perfect combination for you. At playa Piskado where you will also see some turtles during you ride. It’s a cool way to explore the clear waters of Curacao. You can speed at the water surface like a Dolphin or dive and admire the colorful coral reefs, fishes and turtles. Our professional guide will take you on a thrilling adventure to visit the most beautiful spots here on the island. You’re in for an experience of a lifetime! Our SeaBob adventure starts at one of the four beaches of your choice: – At Playa Grandi/Piskado, Westpunt: bob wit turtles & swim through schools of fish. – To The Blue Room from Playa Sta. Cruz: visit an underwater cave and experience why it’s called the Blue Room. – At Tugboat beach: visit a sunken tugboat & the colorful coral reef. – At Kenepa Grandi: just for the speed & adrenaline rush. Our tours will definitely be the highlight of your vacation!!!

Entrance: Ages 16-up

Opening: 10am-5pm


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